Friday, June 22, 2012

"Sometimes you need to step down in order to take a step forward."

Twice a term, the school has a day of Social Development, in the township – so, the students organize different community service projects in Langa, like playing with kids at a daycare, visiting an elderly home, etc. I think it’s a wonderful way to instill the importance of giving back to their own community. I went to a daycare with some students and the computing teacher. The kids were SO cute.

It was really hard going to Langa, for me. The daycare, for example, had maybe 70 kids packed into this one little shack. And I kept looking around and thinking about the Children’s School at CMU and how the kids have iMacs there and specially-designed furniture and it got me so upset. But in both places, the kids are so happy/content - because that's what they've accepted as reality.

And even in South Africa, there are two extremes  - we drove through Simon’s Town last weekend, and this is an area of Langa.  I don’t know, I was just so upset yesterday and everything I ever complain about seems so stupid. And my respect for the students at LEAP increased exponentially. I really want to come back for a longer period of time. 

I think we need this world more than it needs us. If we spend too much time assuming responsibility for everything, assuming that the world needs us to fix it, we'll lose sight of the importance and value of humanity. Maybe, in some cases, all we could do is learn.

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