Monday, July 16, 2012

Favorite Thing

Oh man, I didn’t realize that I haven’t updated this in so long. The days have been so wonderfully packed, and busy, and productive. I'm sorry I haven't been taking many photos! 

Someone asked me, recently, what my favorite thing has been so far, and I honestly couldn’t answer. How could you pinpoint a favorite aspect of a whole experience? How could you take into account everything that makes up a contented moment - and choose one specific facet of it? There is no way, I don't think. 

This is why I don’t have a favorite anything, and why I have small panic attacks when someone asks me to choose a favorite candy bar or song or color. I really don’t believe in favorites. 

So, my answer is: everything. From the people I’ve met, and the overall diversity, to the students, to my friends. From climbing, to diving, to falling and drinking and laughing. Everything. 

Ahhhhh we only have two weeks left! 

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